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Becoming a Certified Official

The IHSAA is excited about your interest in becoming an official. There is a great need for officials across Idaho so thank you for reaching out. The friendship and camaraderie are hands down one of the greatest reasons to officiate. Follow the steps below and welcome to officiating in Idaho.

Step 1: Register

Register to become an IHSAA Official, by clicking the button below.  A new window/tab will open to our Registration Dashboard with DragonFly.

Step 2: Attend State Rules Clinic *

Officials are required to attend a State Rules Clinic for the sport they are participating in.  Click the button below to download a list of the upcoming clinics.

* Each district may have additional training.

Step 3: Take the NFHS Exam

Officials are required to take the Part I or Part II Exam administered online through the NFHS.  Part I is required for Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Swimming, Basketball and Track; Part II is required for all other sports.  The required test is an open-book rules examination and can be retaken up to five (5) times during the testing period.

NFHS Testing Dates

Contact the NFHS Help Desk at 317-565-2023 with log-in issues.

Activity Exam Open Date End Date
Volleyball/Football Part I 7/17/24 7/31/24

Part II * 8/1/24 9/30/24
Part I *
Part I *
Basketball Part I *
10/2/24 11/30/24
Wrestling Part I
10/2/24 10/31/24

Part II *
11/1/24 11/30/24
Baseball/Softball Part I *
2/1/25 3/1/25
Part I *2/2/253/1/25
* Required Exam

Step 4: Complete Concussion and SCA Courses

New officials must complete the St. Luke’s Concussion Course and NFHS Sudden Cardiac Arrest Course before officiating a regular season contest.  All officials are required to review the Concussion Course and SCA Course on even numbered years. The IHSAA Statewide Concussion and SCA Review dates are: Fall of 2022-23, 2024-25, etc.

Still have questions?

Contact Officials Coordinator, Mindy Powers at .

Additional Information

More information regarding certification and training of athletic officials can be found in the Officials Handbook.

Age Requirements

All officials must be at least 16 years old. 

NFHS Courses for Officials

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