What is the IHSAA Student Advisory Council?


The SAC is a diverse group of students who participate in interscholastic athletics/activities and are focused on providing education and leadership through open and honest communication with all member school students, administrators and coaches.  The committee serves as a liaison between students, administrators, the IHSAA Staff and Board of Directors.  The Student Advisory Council promotes the ideals of the IHSAA, including leadership, sportsmanship, achievement and character.

Our Mission

Student leaders connecting Idaho students with the IHSAA through...




2019-20 Battle of the Fans



Film your student section: Film your student section during an athletic event.

Video Content: Edit your video so it is no more than 90 seconds. You must introduce your school and discuss why your school should win.

Post to YouTube: The deadline for your video is January 31.

Email us your link: Send the link to:   


Judging criteria: Your videos will be judged on Sportsmanship, School Spirit, Originality, and Student Section Leadership. Be LOUD and POSITIVE!

2019-20 Battle of the Fans

2018-19 Battle of the Fans

2019 Winners

Small School

Large School

South Fremont Cougars

Lewiston Bengals

Part of the 2019-2020 Summer Retreat was a float trip down the Boise River.

2017-18 Virginia & Haily were the first from Idaho to attend the NSLS in Indianapolis, Indiana

2018-19 The first group of students to represent Idaho as the IHSAA Student Advisory Council.

Student Resources


2019-2020 SAC Members


Hannah Bolingbroke

Madison High School

District VI

Vice President

Bella Leiby

Emmett High School

District III


Adyson Harris

Parma High School

District III


Lucas Patterson

Hillcrest High School

District VI


Dakota Gorges

Clearwater Valley High School

District II

NSLS Representative

Sierra Keele

Kellogg High School

District I

Social Media - District I

Brooke Jessen

Timberlake High School

Social Media - District II

Hayden Uhlenkott

Prairie High School

Social Media - District III

Kobe Warr

Rocky Mt. High School

Social Media - District III

Crystal Medina

Caldwell High School

Social Media - District IV

Kaitlynn Ayers

Twin Falls High School

Social Media - District IV

Tyson Chapman

Shoshone High School

Social Media - District V

Colton Fetzer

Soda Springs High School

Social Media - District V

Jeni Alder

Malad High School


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